Friday, September 04, 2009

My Dany, 3asfour bil id, wala 3ashra 3al shajra

I think I was one of the last people who knew about your death. I am sure all my friends avoided being the messenger and after knowing that I had just lost my best friend 3 weeks earlier. But one poor girl came to my house, but no, she didn't tell me the whole truth, she said you were in a hospital and that I should call someone to check it out.
So, the naive me, the illogical me didn't connect the dots to the i's, so I called, and my friend on the other end, didn't even bother to make in introduction or sooth his tone or anything after I asked him in which hospital you were he just said the following two words: "Dany mét"

I don't remember anything after this. I know mom told me not to go to your funeral, and honestly? I did not want to go, I did not want to see another body being taken away to the grave, I knew I wouldn't be able to take it.

2 days earlier, we were at your premature birthday party, I didn't want to go, I was still mourning, but I went after you insisted and insisted and lectured me about life and celebrating those we love and who love us and bla bla bla. You were supposed to take me back home that night, but I had found a ride. And that night we danced too, cause you saw I was looking like a gloomy goth so you took me to the
dance floor and we danced, of course I barely moved, but only if I knew, I would've moved much more and hugged you much more.

None of our common friends dared to even tell me you were in the hospital, no one! They didn't even give me the chance to go say goodbye. The next night you died. How did you die? You had a car accident, you weren't fully awake at 3 or 4 am.

Few know that you had asked me out 10 months earlier, I remember I panicked, I couldn't believe my ears, my best friend? So being the mature person I was 10 years ago, I stopped talking to you for a month, but then we were okay again. I will never forget how you used to wear your hair and clothes and then how you changed... I know why you changed. I will never forget that sport red and white and blue jacket, you looked so good in it, you were hot. And not only that, you were so funny, and so skinny and tall! My Dany.

2 years ago I think, we went to a barbecue and during that night someone had a video for our last day at school, and... you and Najla appeared from no where, we were all in that video, I chocked, I had missed you two so much, 2 of my favorite 3 persons back then. Funny, there was one shot, you talking to me, and me seeing the video camera and trying to escape the frame, and you kept following... I didn't
know what you were thinking back then, clueless, ignorant me.

Between brackets, I still dream about you, you know, like we're a couple or something.

I know, by now you would've been this handsome man, definitely successful, and definitely and chick magnet. I am just sad your mom and sister and your family had to lose you, and especially to lose you this way, a car accident? A car accident ya Dany? One night you were partying, the next you were dead? To all young men out there, DRIVE SAFELY, call a cab when you're tipsy or drunk.

Anyway, just wanted to mark this day, it's been 10 years Mr Jujitsu. And I just wanted to say hope you're resting in peace.


  1. Death is a rebirth in another form. May he rest in peace.

  2. It is very sad that anybody should die in car accidents, which could be avoided. Let alone a person with a promising future like Dany.