Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mushy Mushy

I once met with my school friend in a Café, and what does a person usually order in a Café? A cake, a cuppa coffee, cuppa tea, quick snack, but I will never forget the look on the waiter's face when my friend asked him for a plate of strawberry. I looked at her and smiled with a surprise look on my face, but his face was different, he looked at my friend as if she was a weirdo, but she was so confident of herself that no one would ever dare reject her demands. And he did get her those strawberries, I enjoyed them so much, I ate more than half of them.


  1. there's nothing conventional about you...

  2. i do know :) and i love you!

    there's this emotional vibe these days! sally, you, me!!

  3. Nanoo, Sally did ignite this! and you were one of the main persons I was thinking about when I wrote this so was waiting for your comment :)

    AAL :) mse2be

  4. That's a cool tribute to friends.
    I am sure they appreciate you Lilzi.. You're an honest person.

  5. _zeeeeeeeeeeeeeee welcome back :)