Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ziad Rahbani on Light FM with Tangui

I have been thinking and thinking on which language the interview will be in, and ta ra ra ram.. it's in French. It's the first time I hear Ziad Rahbani speak in French, I thought he will say stuff like "vous voulez de la neige"

I love it! I love him


  1. c ramez il est avec moi dans la famille :P

  2. hi, i came accross ur blog by chance...i'm trying to find the interview with tanguy somewhere...cant seem to find it, can u help? i missed it on the radio...



  3. i doubt it being recorded and published anywhere on the web. anything in particular you want to know about the interview? it was for 2 straight days, 10 minutes each, mostly talking about jazz, how ziad started his music career in jazz, and played "what he hates to call" oriental jazz as all kinda jazz are jazz, how this all started during the Lebanese war, the beginning of it, early 70s, and talked about jazz lounge, and the current singer with Ziad, i hope my memory doesn't fail me, but her name is Ruba Khoury I think, if you went to snatch in july, he played with his band jazz music and that is exactly the kinda music he's playing in jazz lounge, it's in ain el mreisseh, you need to reserve before you go there. i will get u their number and post it back here. hope this helped :)

    p.s. funny my word verification is "dowhera"... dowerha... dawwir dawwir :P

  4. :)) thanks for the very fast reply! and comprehensive answer! actually i was so curious to hear him speak in french mostly! :) but would love to see him play and would welcome the number...
    thanks again

  5. hehe i wish i can describe his french for you, but all i can say is he mentioned Nawal el Zoghbi then told tangui that the gh in zoghbi is not an R :P

    oh and he said this:

    c'est pas une bonne chose d'etre seule avec la maison de kataeb et un piano a keserwan durant la guerre.

    Jazz lounge # 01-367299

  6. trop fort (fogh) ce mec!! 3anjad...
    thanks again...ciao