Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny people

SPOILER! If you haven't seen it, skip this post and listen to Nina Simone.

So it was almost 1am when the movie ended yesterday, so I thought maybe 'cause I was very tired and sleepy I couldn't make out the moral of this movie.

We all know Adam Sandler likes to give a moral or lesson for people to learn at the end of his movies, and we all know his movies are never the same but there are always a lot of common things between them.

Starts off good, many laughs, audience was cracking up even though I know that many jokes were pretty American and people in Lebanon cannot possibly get them, but that is the power of stand up comedy live if the first two or three made you laugh, and then the jokes are coming out rapidly one after the other, you laugh at them all.

And then there is a twist, in the middle of the movie you get a clear idea of the lesson that they want you to notice it (it's not about money, and sex it's about family, etc.. remember his movie Click!?), it was pretty obvious. But then, and the dude with the thick voice says it anyway (You're one of the only persons who did not learn anything from a near death experience), they yell, then they fight, then they make up but each continues the life he had before but with some improved things.

I still don't get if there was more to it or not, I donno why.. so if you got it more than I did, tell me what you think.

Oh and the trailer is very different from the movie. The toaster joke didn't even appear anywhere in the movie.


  1. I watched it last night too! And after the first 30 minutes, I was thinking what a waste of ticket and popcorn money... I could've gone to Schtroumpf!

    Yes, the jokes were pretty much American (like the craig's list joke for example) and well, the audience was not laughing lol It was so awkward.

    Anyways, I don't like the movies and I rarely go to watch neither Adam Sandler movies nor any other mainstream kind of stuff. The last time I'd been to the movies was last February. It beats me as to why I went yesterday.

    And, where is the moral in this film?

  2. I also saw the movie on Thursday, and hated it.
    I had 4 other people with me and I was the one who chose the movie, so I ended up getting blamed for it!

  3. posh i donno, that money doesnt bring happiness? too cliche

    Rami, you know the stupidest scene in my opinion was eminem's lol ... ma ela ma3na