Monday, October 05, 2009

Tripoli Trip-oli

Sunday, October 4th, a tweetup at Tripoli was born. Attendees were @sdarine, @MayaZankoul, @dashkoun, @larazankoul, @Beirutspring, @sunkentreasure6 and a friend, @ghassanb, @DanyAwad, @azzi, g, and yours truly.

The idea behind this tweetup was born after many of us Tripolians (trobilsiye) met on twitter, yes twitter I tell you (my newest addiction), and agreed on meeting in our city of origin. And luckily for us, more people joined.

The day started at Kasr El 7elou of Al Hallab. I, shamefully confess, that I broke my diet. I... ehhem... I love Znoud El Sitt. After I reluctantly didn't inform the waiter of my choice to eat them, @Beirutspring heard me and said, didn't I hear you order Znoud El Sitt, so I felt encouraged and ordered them.

After we ate, and talked, and @azzi tweeted some live photos, we went straight to the port of Tripoli (El Mina). We hired a boat, yes it was all for us, and went on a trip near the Islands of Tripoli, sadly the Palm Island (aka Rabbits Island) was closed. But @sdarine and I happily saw a turtle swim and disappear beneath the boat.

I didn't know that the water in Lebanon can be so blue until yesterday.

And this appeared to me like the New York City, Staten Island, but not much skyscrapers.

Afterward we went to an old part of the city of Tripoli.

And went straight to the old gold market (souk).

Then walked our way towards Khan El Saboun. And this is when the world of soap emerged, I was mesmerized by the beautiful scents.

And more soaps.

It was a short day because most of us had obligations to do, but it was really fun and enriching to meet the fellow twitteres. Moreover it brought so much memories to me, as I had spent months from my childhood there when there was a war in Beirut. Back then this old souk scared me, I didn't like it, but yesterday I saw it from a whole different perspective.

I think Tripoli is one of the cities in Lebanon that are so promising yet very underrated. It has one of the biggest ports in Lebanon, but I'm sure it can be much more depended on if the representatives of Tripoli in the parliament work on this. It can boost their economy, as well as on the Tourism level.

Check Maya Zankoul's post about this trip here.

For more photos check here


  1. Oh so you were with them! Lucky you. I didn't know your twitter alias is funkyozzi :P

  2. ooh those soaps.. they look like fruits :D hehe nice!!!

  3. Yep Serpico! coming to Lebanon anytime soon? Hmm are you on twitter?

    Zerolando yes they look like the sweet factory candy hehe

  4. Maybe in December but not sure though. If it happens that I'm in Lebanon I'll definitely join you guys!

    I'm anti social networks so I don't use Twitter or Facebook etc... :P

  5. You're virtually anti-social! OMG :P