Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreaming of telling a dream inside a dream?

I had a dream on Wednesday night, it was so crazy I had to share it, but I was so down, I didn't. So what happened on Thursday night is that I had a dream where I was with some friends in some weird looking coffee place, very spacious, in that lounge or whatever it was, we were about 10 persons, with only 2 persons listening to me (I am less interesting in my dreams it seems) telling them the story of... my Wednesday night dream.. in real life. Lost track? Did you see inception? I didn't have anything that indicates whether I am in reality or not, because usually I have lucid dreams and I can change the course the way I like it, but yesterday was weird!

What was the dream? Now I remember a fraction of it, something about a floating body in space, it was of this actor we have in Lebanon, called Fady (you know the guy who's married to Carine, the one who screams a lot and annoys the hell out of me), anyway, he was wearing a purple suit, with weird make-up, and floating in space around us in an old house, broken walls, so he entered through one of the holes and came towards us, then he started moving, let's just say I provoked the guy!

And while we were in this coffee place, we were actually waiting for a play for this guy Fady... and I was telling them that story in the sense of irony, you know? What a huge coincidence!

Yep.. that is my post for a Friday night :P

Inception writers can kiss my dreamy ass!


  1. Hahaha.. let's go see the movie again! I don't know about you, but sometimes my dreams seem more real than my reality..

  2. hahahahaha! you're twisted even in your dreams!!!! +1

  3. Danielle, the power of the mind :D

    Rita.. me ? twisted? :P