Friday, August 06, 2010

No marriage for you!

Yesterday mom told me to go through my pyjamas and throw the old ones out because she has some new ones for me. She continued by saying: "You know, the new ones are the ones I was saving for your 'Jhez'... but now I guess you can take them anyway."

I looked at her and said while laughing: "You gave up on the thought of me getting married eh?"

*Jhez: Is like a huge luggage that contains lingerie, pyjamas and stuff like that. It's when the girl's parents save those things for her so she can take it with her when she gets married, it's merely an old tradition, it was useful then, useless now.

Maybe I should tell mom to check why I'm not married yet.


  1. I can't believe she actually said this!!!! *hugzzzz*

  2. how cool is ur mum :)
    that's massive sledging from her to u.

    I'm nearing 30, so you can imagine the looks of disappointment I get from my mum. She's praying for me to get lucky on my trip to lebanon!

  3. WHAT? She told you that?

    Oh mannn....