Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mind your own language

So the question is whether language does shape the way we think, the article starts with a theory that didn't have any evidence or experiment or proof found, at first meant to say that it obliges a person to comprehend certain things in a certain way because of the language, but then they elaborate that it is not what it does convey, but what it might convey, moreover it sheds light on how languages differ when it comes to gender differentiation to objects (feminine features, masculine features), to spatial reference (be it relative or constant, meaning ego centric or not, unconsciously always aware of geographical position), colors, memory, tenses of verbs and of certain realities, etc..

Anyway, this is a very interesting read, and I just wanted to keep it saved apart from the bookmark of my browser!

Enjoy reading it here.

p.s. I do know that we have some words in Arabic that do not have any translation in English or French, e.g. Al-Shawq.

If a word doesn't exist in your language or you simply never learned, does this mean you never learned the concept? Easy answer, of course not, how many times do you sit there trying to explain an idea, and then someone comes and uses one word to summarize it all? However, it really made me think that a language doesn't shape your mind per se, nevertheless it shapes how a person is conscious about certain things surrounding him/her.

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