Friday, August 27, 2010

I was happy, I truly was

This has been an ongoing argument between some friends and I. And the argument was about whether money buys happiness or not. They believed it does, I disagreed (weird enough). Why is it weird enough that I disagree? Because I am as superficial as it gets when it gets to expensive cars and traveling around the world and what not.


But, I also noticed that many times I look forward for something for years, and then when I finally obtain that materialistic object, I no longer care. So I can safely and surely say, money does not buy happiness in the sense where I buy things and I get happy.


Sure thing is that money provides or adds happiness to your life, if you know how to use it and spend it and create interesting activities with it, and opportunities for yourself and others.


One of my favorite moments was merely a lunch with family, a DVD with a friend, ordering food in, watching series on the laptop, ordering food again, just taking a walk somewhere, having a road trip with a new interesting acquaintance, taking a swim into the large of the sea, being in nature on a hammock (refer to the header of my blog!)… yeah, it is as simple as that for me.


A cliché is the fact that life is a series of moments, all you gotta do is be happy, this moment.


  1. Well for sure money wont make u sadder, and it will increase ur "source of happiness" and also add to them...

  2. Very true!!! Money, at the end of the day, is paper and can buy a lot of things but not friendship, love and affection. It can help in case of a medical emergency or for medical reasons, but apart from that pfffffft... For me it is these moments that you talk about that are important and that bring happiness. Great post :-))

  3. Indeed, it is the small things that truly make us happy.

    I remember when I was lusting after a pair of gorgeous black heels. I saved up and got it, and on sale too! Obviously, I was ecstatic. Just like you said, the excitement eventually died down and the heels became just another item in my closet. Seeing my loved ones always beats that, though. Anyday. :]

  4. The best things in life are freeeee! Like hugs and kissies!

  5. Liliane,

    you need the money to buy food for lunch, to buy the DVD, to be able to order food in, to be able to own a laptop to watch a series on, to be able to pay for petrol and transport for the roadtrip...

    Money did and does buy your happiness. It is the basic of basics. I think what you're trying to say is that too much money or more money than you actually need is not something your happiness rests on :)

  6. posh :P i thought that was obvious hehe.. yeah you're right :)

    Thanks everyone for sharing ur thoughts on this

  7. Liliane,


    Ana shwei sa2ileh. Don't mind me. Just playing ;)

  8. pleaaaaaaaase! if you werent sa2ileh i wouldn't like u lol. yalla write something on ur blog so i comment back!