Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kylie - Part IV

... she's inside. She didn't know what happened, one moment she was dining with him and the next she was inside this pub. *

Where the rain pours. Inside, where she's dancing in the rain. For her, raining outside or raining inside, she felt safe when she was with him, he was her umbrella. Do you have an umbrella? Someone you can rely on, trust and feel safe with? Kylie did. Many people envied her when she walked in that pub, I am sure.

*It was crowded. She shouted violently "That a foul you stupid referee!!" He smirked.
"Oh come on was that a foul?" His smile widened.
It was crowded. People bumped into her while passing through the pub*

She was oblivious perhaps. Shouting at a television screen, in a bar. At that time, the screen showed the team she was ruling for getting their asses kicked. She was oblivious. He wiffed the scent of her hair. She was still oblivious. She thought she was just there watching a game, and he's just with her keeping her company.

*A friend had a date, he came with them but it wasn't going too well though, someone else was hitting on his date. And he wasn't reacting to it.
- Did you notice that another dude is hitting on his date?
- Yeah I did, and she seems to be enjoying it" Kylie said with disappointment.*

He had told her once, how a man should take action in case someone hit on the woman he's with. Simple. Cut into the conversation. He would do it later on, months later, with a man who yearned for cameras. Photography was something that interested him, and cutting into the conversation was easy. But the team she was cheering for are still losing! Lets focus on what's happening in the pub.

*He told her to stand up. "Why?" - Just stand up woman.
And she did. Her bar stool was now infront of his, and she could lay her back on him. It was still crowded. The scent of her hair grew wilder.*

No arguments. Wow. She did not argue. She simply stood up, and allowed him to place her right in front of him. She was not oblivious anymore.
She was a woman.

You see, it no longer mattered who won the match. Something else mattered which both him and her started thinking about, gradually, which only time would manifest its meaning.

*There is this beach party, wanna come with?" She asked him eagerly as her friend can no longer come.
- Hmmm, let me think about it! Booz? Girls in Bikini? Dancing? ... NO!
- Hein?
- ... Fine I will go!*

What sometimes appears as a simple event, innocent coincidence, can turn out to be a life changing situation. Which both Kylie and her friend were not aware of.

So many times in our life we'd like to think that something happened for a reason, and to tell us something, and to guide us through life. But how often do things really happen for a reason which we did not account for?

*Are you going to swim?
- I will think about it!
- Okay fine, am gonna go take a dip, meet me in the sea if you want!
- Boy would I like to see Barbara take her top off!
- Oh you men only think of one thing don't you!" She said while getting pissed and swimming away.

What she did not know was that he watched her swim away, and that he had said that on purpose and that he enjoyed when she...*

Dishes need scrubbing. Better tend to them before mother has guests and they see the sink.


  1. Lilzi,

    I think you should write a book :) and I would definitely read it.

    "What sometimes appears as a simple event, innocent coincidence, can turn out to be a life changing situation."

    Te above statement is so true. It has happened to me so many times... and it is what I hope would happen to me over and over again.

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  3. Posh ohhhh I am flattered, so I am your fan and you are mine!