Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A simple reminder that Poverty still unfortunately exists - Blog Action Day 2008

Poverty is not a new subject, I believe it existed since the first forms of societies. Moreover it is exactly understood as back then it was maybe this consequence had justified causes and reasons, but now what justifies it?

The problem with poverty is the vicious circle that they sank in those poor people, and now who cannot get out of it. It is not only a deprivation of food, clothing, shelter and those common necessities that most of us take for granted, it is also the deprivation of opportunities to learn, go to school which would lead those people into not having opportunities to obtain a good employment.

There are many things you as an individual can do, or even better as a group, you can start by raising awareness on the subject, more like, reminding people that this sad situation still exists. And what else you can do? It's donate to those NGOs that do actually try to provide those common necessities to poor people and opportunities to learn in hope that one day they can go about it on their own.

This is Blog Action Day, and these are things and action you can do and adopt.

p.s. As the nice person who commented pointed out, is actually a very easy way to help feed people, you just play a game where you guess the meaning of a word from a list of words, and for each right one, you raise 20 grains... Mish ktir, bass byejma3o (not a lot, but the add up at the end of the day)


  1. i'm also quite fond of freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways people can help alleviate poverty online, fairly easily. :)

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it's great that you're participating. :)

  2. kouji Haiku, you're very right, actually is a really helpful way to raise food for the poor people, and it's also educational for us. Thank you for pointing that out!

    Posh :)

  3. Well it's always better than nothing, but it really doesn't make a lot of difference.... These NGOs never cease to pop up and their number multiply each year but I doubt about how much they are doing, and about the transparency and the integrity of what they do. Because every year the hunger problem is aggravating and the number of poor people is increasing. I expect that these numbers will soar this year due to the financial crisis, the funds that are used and injected in the major financial markets to ease the cash crunch will be taken from aid programs to poor countries thus worsening the situation even more.

    Plus things like biofuels, unusual brutal weather, rising energy prices, inflation, etc... are boosting the hunger problem.
    The work of NGOs and of individuals will remain a negligible effort in front of the growing hunger crisis...The subject must be tackled at higher levels, those having to do with globalization, international trade regulations... Unfair trade, economic models built on greed and unjust trading deals that are governing the international economic scene......etc, it's for these things that the effort should be concentrated, to promote awareness everywhere especially for voters in strong nations like USA and europe so It's all about politics.

  4. It's definitely better than nothing, and definitely a very small effort compared what the powers of the G8 can do, or is it G9 now? But still those NGOs, at least the good ones that have integrity and appear to actually be helping, do end up helping some families survive the day.

    Politics, it's always about politics.

    Biofuels, it's interesting that you brought it up, I don't understand how actually some think that that's a good solution for replacing fuel...

    The poverty is already affected by the global financial crisis. and you're right, I guess it will only get worst..

    But perhaps, on top of this all, maybe raising awareness, at least awareness is something not to be given up on.