Friday, October 03, 2008

My new way of commenting

Okay, as I've already mentioned, I no longer am capable of accessing, so I cannot comment on you guys's posts.
For example, I am dying to write something on Mx9's post:

Don't you even dare go see each other without me! (Baddik tijeh Coco?)

Another post I want to participate in is posh's:

I want to tell Krys, we get to tell them how we witnessed the birth of
blogging :D and been a part of it!
Plus posh... you must've had a really serene time eh?

How am I posting this post? I got my secrets :P


  1. Lilzi,

    hehe :)

    But why aren't you able to at work? Is it a block on all sites like blogger, facebook, ...?

  2. yep exactly, la ma neltehe :P