Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 16, tune in to radios and TVs

“Call for Life” is not just a title of the CCCL’s new project, It is CCCL’s message!
CCCL is calling for your support, for the support of all the community in its mission of saving young lives.
This unique project is done for the first time.
October 16 will be CCCL’s day on all TV & most radio stations of Lebanon. You will be seeing CCCL Spots & Ads all through the day (from 7:00 am to midnight) calling for donations. Read more here

Moreover, apparently, October is the month for raising awareness about Cancer, so Go Pink!

I would also like to link to this simple yet straight forward poem/post that reminded me about this issue. Actually 2 days ago, a memory crossed my mind that almost a year ago, I put a pink sign on my blog in support of fight against cancer, and I was wondering if there is anything happening this month too, apparently there is.

Hopefully with more awareness and donations for the fight against cancer, more people will overcome this ugly sickness and survive...

I believe those who have it are extremely courageous people, I know this one special dear person, who was that courageous and that serene... she was gone at only 19. I wish ...cancer sucks...

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