Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dalai Lama day

One of the things that I didn't like about myself was the
over-thinking, and I think I have successfully managed to decrease it,
I think, wait, let me think about it, ... (5 minutes pass) yep, I
think I'm good.

Anyway, there is another negative aspect of my personality that I need
to work on and it is "jumping into conclusions" a little too fast.
Many people do that, and I understand why. There is a thrill , an
adrenalin rush (sometimes) after a person jumps into a conclusion and
it turns out to be right. Maybe the trick here, is to play a game, but
make sure you don't let that conclusion close your mind from accepting
or considering any other possible conclusion or explanation for that

In theory, we are born neutral. Our surroundings and society lead us
to be more tolerant or more prejudiced, more accepting or more racist.
But that doesn't mean we cannot change this if we don't decide to. In
conclusion (was that fast?), most of the time you don't to convince a
person of a certain issue or way of thinking, or an idea, it's more
important to just convince him that it's not wrong to change his
principles, or beliefs, or way of thinking, and all it matters is to
be open. And then if you trust your idea enough, then the person in
front of you will get there on their own.

Dalai Lama signing off.


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  2. You just put too much into things.

    You might be doing things right in your life but you are probably not doing the right things.

    This thin line between Efficiency and effectiveness is what you should strive for.

  3. I disagree again. I think truth is subjective, so are the ideas of 'right' and 'wrong'. What matters is to be open to other people having different opinions, beliefs or principles than ours and that if they wish to change, that's not because they were wrong and we were right, but because at that time and moment, this change seemed more suitable to that person in question.

  4. Ok, have you read about this somewhere and you're trying to write about it the way you see it?

    Cause in the last paragraph, I am aware (of course according to my experiences) of what you're trying to convey, but allow me to add two simple things:

    1. In the first part of the last paragraph (from "But that doesn't" to "be open"), I strongly agree and believe that this applies to Relative Truth.

    2. In the second part of the last paragraph (from "And then if you trust" till the end), I believe that this applies more to Absolute Truth, and not Relative Truth. The reason for this, as Posh mentioned it above, what you think of is according to your own experiences, and could be very different from what I think of. That's why I strongly believe this applies to Absolute Truth, because there is One and Only One Absolute Truth.

    You might be wondering what is the difference between Relative and Absolute Truth. I will try to give examples here:
    - Relative Truth is the truth pertaining to the physical level. Earth is round, Pollution causes global warming, etc... and this could be changed according to time and space.
    - Absolute Truth is the truth pertaining to what you will realize through higher levels of consciousness. It is what most religions preach, or in other words, let's call it God.

    So, to sum it up, I completely agree with you that people should be aware that what they think of might not be the same way they are seeing it (in the Relative Truth). I actually started saying that to people a year ago when I first realized it, which prompt me to write this long response :P.
    In addition, I add that there should be awareness about the two levels of truth, which form a duality and complement each other.

    Guru Dev signing off.

  5. Serpico, I like where you took the subject, I will get back to it later when I am more awake

    Posh, I see why you understood this, I actually meant "if your idea is good enough, then the person in
    front of you will get there on their own."
    It's not much about right or wrong because as you said it's subjective, it's more about negotiations and finding a common ground, and perhaps showing the other person why it is harmful (we're talking about closed minded and prejudiced people here) to think they way they do, harmful for some persons and hurtful while it doesn't need to.

    Elan vital, i googled your name. And will get back to you too on this.

    JG, can you elaborate?

    Yalla good night!

  6. There is nothing called absolute and relative truth.

    We are talking here about common sense and the way people conceive things.

    People tend to grab data, analyse it and formulate a conclusion about a subject. And if u have a high level of critical thinking you will begin debating over it. The other will listen and start analyzing your data. If he is satisfied ( convinced ) he will agree, else he will grab your data and analyse it further taking it to the next level.

    The 2 persons keep pushing things until they realize that no one has really been able to convince the other. So they start insulting each other and hell break lose!

    Liliane, What did you not understand about my statement?

    Can we call this Relative and Absolute Understanding? :)

  7. Serpico, I understand what you mean by relative and absolute truth. In this case, I wasn't talking about me per se and someone else and me trying to convince them of something. It was more of a method in general for someone who believes has a good cause, and it IS a good cause, to be able to "reach out" to someone else. It's not necessarily convince or make someone believe him as much as the person being ready to listen in the first place, to be tolerant and non-prejudice.

    Inno it is not about God or absolute truth and physical related truth such as the earth is round. It is merely a communications post. Bas to answer your comment, actually relatively, earth for me, the ground ya3ne, is plain and not round, the absolute truth you say its god, bass inno what if I don't believe in God? sort of fitna bi gheir mawdou3 no? lol