Monday, August 31, 2009

What is your logic exactly?

We decided yesterday to go on a picnic in one of the most spectacular places in Lebanon. Kannoubine Valley (located near Bcharre in the mountains of north Lebanon, just before the Cedars) also known as Kadicha Valley, was our chosen destination. It is a beautiful place as you will see in the photos below.

But what I couldn't make out and get through my thick skull is understanding how do these group of people think and process things such as leaving their f*ckin garbage behind?

I mean, here we are bi ekhir ma 3ammar rabna, in the middle of nowhere, there is no municipality (not that it's a valid reason), where people go on purpose so they can be in the nature, far from the city noise and its pollution, near fantastic landscapes, and then here comes their garbage? Inno who do you expect will clean after you? Are there like magic elves who live in the forests that we don't know of and whose job is to clean after dirty people?


  1. I voice my disgust and madness with you.

  2. merci you mad mad person :P

  3. I don't find anything to be mad of. I mean this is nothing compared the Berj Hamoud Mountain of debris.

    We shouldn't spoil the first 2 good looking photos!

    Unless anyone want to start a website called

    I might do it when I finish my mighty project

  4. w mnez3al bass ysannfouna 3alam telit !

  5. bass inno no one goes and does a picnic bi mkab el dawra lol

    3alam sebi3 iza shi

  6. We should have TV and billboard ads to start changing the mentality.

  7. It is disgusting and happens not only in these beautiful places. It just shows up more in the midst of such beauty. And I agree with Serpico that there should be advertisement to change this mentality or at least signs in these beautiful spots. I would hate to think what these people's houses look like...