Friday, August 14, 2009

We nag, while they have no choice

After reading this post by Human Province, on how maids or nannies are treated while tagging along the family they work for when going to a private beach and such, it triggered another thoughts in my brain that I do think about from time to time, but never thought of writing them down.

I always wondered about Maids in general, the 24/7 maids who live with the family, and I've heard horrid stories about locking the door on them, because they might escape, etc... I don't deny that it's a bummer if your maid escapes, but there is actually two reasons for that, either you're treating her badly, and in case you're not and she escapes, just stop at the word escape and think for a minute.

We say escape, when we are leaving someplace we are obliged to be in without the consent of those who have the power in that location, i.e. JAIL

Working from 8am to 6pm, makes me feel like a prisoner, or sometimes get bothered if my boss asked me in an indirect polite way about not having finished my job on time. But let's talk about the schedule, for example right now, I want to get out and go sit in the nature and contemplate an ant idiotically like I used to, without having anyone to ask me why, or to criticize what am doing, and so on and so forth. My obstacle? I don't have many days off anymore, yep, that's the only obstacle. And not because anyone makes me sit without having the freedom to leave. While I have a relatively decent salary, a car, a mobile phone, I travel once or twice a year, my health, friends, going out 5 or 6 times a week, and the whole package. And I nag! Yes, sometimes it's good to keep yourself on your toes in order to improve on all levels, but really technically in the end, it's called nagging.

On the other side, those poor people, who are not inferior to us, who some of us make them sit in the back seat while the front seat is empty, yet there is no child in the car in the back to be taken care of (like that is not a good reason still), while we lock the house's door on them when we go out, while we go out and have fun and go to our jobs to nourish our thoughts, our life, our life style, they sit at home, cleaning and cooking. All day, everyday, for the whole week, the whole month, and year.

I do know of few exceptions though, where these maids are treated as a part of the family, and the maids themselves refuse to leave.

p.s. I would hate myself if I even start telling the maid to get me water and coffee and pick up after me, unless am paralyzed of course. Should keep reminding myself, if I ever get a maid, not to become an asshole.

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