Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Geeks get it

With the risk of sounding geeky, one of my favorite moments at work is when something finally works after being stuck, and it being the only obstacle from finishing your task or project.

I am not sure if this is only IT related or it happens in all fields, but I can emphasize that in IT we do a lot of programming sometimes or designing architecture for solutions or whatever the task is, and it would be the first of its kind where you work, so there isn't really anything you can rely on besides what's on the net and some books. At one point, after spending hours and sometimes days between researching and performing some trials and errors, after you think this is not working, why am I even assigned with such a task, I can't do it, and then BAM it works. Beautiful feeling!

Of course, your ego is boosted again, and you feel like you're the best IT person in Lebanon and Google should hire you as soon as they open in Lebanon.


  1. Haha I get that feeling in my field of work too ;) I write an awesome paper or I find a very rare manuscript, and I think I'm the best historian ever lol

  2. I totally get what you mean. I always longed to understand this phenomenon as well.

  3. This because of lack of confidence liliane.

  4. posh, great feeling eh?

    Serpico, its no phenomenon, it feels great accomplishing something

    Gregory, true, puts head down :P

    Joseph, this has nothing to do with confidence, unless you understood it in a different way, in that case, I'd suggest you read the post again or explain your "point of view" to me

  5. Why I feel myself attacked all the time in this blog, just because i have different opinions from others?

    Or I just nail things right ?

    Liliane, If u put down what was the problem and how u did solve it, I might do deep and prove that this was lack of confidence.

  6. Joseph, the way you are explaining things, seems like everyone who does research lacks confidence! Seriously, shou khas? Of course people can lack confidence, but it's not rule, especially to what I spoke about in the post. Many things we don't know the answer to or how to solve, and it requires from us, hours and days even months of research and trouble shooting, having confidence or not, does not really make a difference. Because its you, the problem, and how much patience and intelligence you put in it.

    Having a different view doesnt cause a person to be attacked, but disrespecting someone does. After what I said everyone commented bi ra7abet sadr, its something that happens with the best of people and with the most confident, and here you are, all so wisely you say "This because of lack of confidence liliane." like you know everything lol.. ma3le ya3ne joseph, marri2leh yeha, that appeared very condescending of you (w 3indak sawebi2 aslan) but I might be wrong due to the virtual world w ana koun fhemet shi ghalat

  7. ^^^
    I am sorry if I sounded like that Liliane.

    Hopefully what happened with you will boost your confidence when dealing with more complex situations. ^__^