Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Socializing, remember those days on the balcony?

Whatever happened to having friends over, chit-chatting over beer and "loz", or talking, listening and dancing on the music, playing "Dirbakkeh", after having tabbouleh, fries and a "Labneh" plate, sitting on the balcony contemplating the neighbors, who found a parking spot, who came home early and who came late, and then inviting them over.

The forms of socializing is changing, dinner parties at home, or a small modest buffet, or a Lebanese "tawleh", are decreasing with time. When you want to see your friends now, you decide to meet at some restaurant, not that I mind, I love restaurants, but I honestly miss having people over, or being over at people's houses from time to time, you know, it's that sense of familiarity of feeling at ease. I keep thinking of inviting people over and preparing something, but I always stop myself on: "Okay, but what will I tell him the reason for this gathering is?"


  1. amtin ra7 yekhlas hal beit! shou bineye ? :P yalla badna ne23oud bil ouda el 2zez