Friday, August 07, 2009

I ask you kindly my fellow bloggers/readers to:

We have this saying in Lebanese "Money attracts money". But today I want to talk about procrastination, truth is "Procrastination attracts procrastination". Surprisingly and amazingly, it is one of the 7 sins.

Ever noticed that the day you get lazy doesn't end, and you start feeling that you're even lazier than the minute before, and can't even bring yourself, to get up and shower and get going?

You say to yourself, I deserve this, I need to rest, just drool and watch TV all day, I have been working my ass off all week barely had any time to pee. Truth is, which days did you enjoy more?

Ever wondered how a 24 hours days is just perfect, sometimes we say it's too long, sometimes we say it's not enough. I personally think it's perfect. You run from work to whatever commitment you have afterward, be it learning a language, going to the gym, attending classes that might boost your career, volunteer work, visiting someone, doing freelance job or working a second a job. You barely get home and sleep. And it's perfect.

When I feel I have more time to do something, I end up having a lot of free time doing nothing and guess what, bored to death, depressed, sad, unproductive.

And finally, if you think you don't have enough time to know more about Climate Change, you're partially right. 40 years and the world we got to know the way it is may not be anymore. There are many campaigns in this world, and you think other people might handle this, but not this one and I hope that you (my smart readers, "intelligence attracts intelligence") might trust me when I ask your help to help me
spread the word about Climate Change. I know you're still reading the words and wondering, it's not that serious, is it? It doesn't sound serious. Yes because I haven't said anything about it, but I will in the next few months and until the Copenhagen December 2009 negotiations happen. And I kindly ask you to follow me, and to share and tell others, and if you are interested in volunteering, and knowing more and more about the "politics vs science" in this matter, I will be more than happy to re-route you to IndyACT and transmit what I have learned so far.

And I promise you if by 2050 we are all still alive with a normal climate similar to the year 1990, I will give you a gift then (I will be 68 and probably very rich).

p.s. I am not accusing anyone of procrastination, I just started the post like that and it turned to Climate Change, I think all my future posts will have the same fate, bare with me these next few months!

p.p.s I am sorry for not providing any picture in this post, boring ey!?


  1. I'll do what I can to support, but don't ask ME for any money :>.
    In fact if you really want to help the climate, let's figure out a way to permanently get rid of paper money.

  2. Joseph, if your head is spinning now, what are you going to due with the future posts?

    Elan vital, promise, no money, just a bit of time :) I guess the paper money is decreasing with time if you think about it, with the whole credit card and online payments..

  3. I probably commit suicide...

    Probably not, I might enter your world!

  4. Hmmm, its also your world you know