Thursday, September 02, 2010

10 thoughts going through my head today.. and heart

1- Some people are really annoying in the sense where they want to impose a concept into your mind by trying various creative cute ways, which you won’t find cute at all, and you just wish they would just leave you alone

2- These same people for some reason think of you really highly and they barely know you. Peeps, what you build in your head might be true, and might not, remember you built it, don’t draw conclusions based on it ‘cause they aren’t facts

3- These same people inspire you to think that you might be doing the same thing to other people, and you should take a step back

4- Many persons care about you and want to know on a daily basis what’s happening with you, but you cannot just grab the phone and call them 10 people and tell them! You want to wait until everything REALLY goes well.. because what if it doesn’t? Are you going to have the heart to call those 10 persons and tell them, I have failed, again?

5- Sometimes you think you’re the one who entered someone’s life and you’re helping them, as it turns out, they’re the ones who ended up helping you

6- Patience is REALLY something important in life, and I wish on a daily basis I can get there… Impatience is ruining me

7- Creativity and Imagination, without execution, are like a strong diarrhea without an asshole, so many shit inside of you, no way to get out, you end up imploding and ruining yourself

8- Search after money, is stupid. Search after happiness is not. Latter might need the first, but first will not necessarily lead to the latter. So work on finding the latter

9- I used to be on the denial boat, I am sick of it. I, now, throw myself into situations just because I like pushing myself to the edge. I am not sure it’s a good thing though, maybe a balance should exist somewhere

10- People who think I am predictable, ask those who thought I was predictable, if they still think I am.

Bonus #11: I love you mom and dad… wish you knew me more though.

Bonus confession: I am a narcissist bastard, I am too afraid of death, so that’s why blogging makes me feel like I will be eternal (until all servers of the world burn or something), and maybe my children, if I ever have children, if I ever get married, if I ever find the right guy, can read them and know me better. That’s the only thought that consoles me at this point, ‘cause I have nothing else to offer at this point but my own thoughts.

Hmm… if I die today, at least I would have left a good post behind and not a rubbish one :P


  1. ‘cause I have nothing else to offer at this point but my own thoughts' lech hini afkarek chi alil!
    i love what you write,
    "what you build in your head might be true, and might not, remember you built it, don’t draw conclusions based on it ‘cause they aren’t facts" so true so straight to the point!

  2. Your bonus confession is what I had been thinking about lately, which made me do the autobiography vs blog post. I have so much more to say about that.

    About #4. Many of my friends always tell me that I'm too secretive, that I do not share my plans with them as much as they do with me, or as much as they would like me to. The reason is mainly that I like to keep things to myself until they are somewhat certain. I hate failure and sharing my failures make me feel like an even bigger failure. I know your true friends wouldn't really hold it against you or counting your successes and failures, but I just don't have the heart to do it as well.

    Great post, as always. :)

  3. i felt like i was reading almost all your previous posts and thoughts since i started following , years ago , summarized in 1 wonderfully written, honest, and straight forward post ...

    10- seems u r not
    Bonus confession: #narcissist HALLELUIA ! :)

  4. Nice post
    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind

  5. Great post! I like #9... go for it! And it isn't true that you have "nothing else to offer at this point..." Even from a distance you have loads to offer :-)

  6. Wow Lilo, excellent must know that number 7 is my favorite, actually allll time favorite! Couldn't have said it better myself!

  7. Hurray for the #8 !! Thx mentioning it !! :)

  8. Great post, it's always nice to stop and look at things around, thx for reminding me I should do it too.
    About 1, I guess some people watched inception more than they should this summer. :P
    I loved 7 though it's very graphic :)and the rest too, but I disagree a lot on 8, searching for money is useless, but happiness too you can't search for it, it's too abstract to find or catch, I believe that we should just let it come on its own, it'll arrive, it's a buildup of many things from small things to big things, it's the journey in itself not the destination, or whatever, that's what I feel. :)