Friday, March 09, 2007

Girls can't program

Can you believe that there are still some guys who think that girls can't program, believing that the girl's brain cannot process such information and analysis?

7aram 3anjad :S


  1. As if guys could :D

    When i was taking my C++ course a girl was the best! imagine on 30 students a girl kicked our ass!

    P.S: I was good as well, but you know i am an outlier cannot be compared to the average pop'n :-)

    BTW Happy women's day w Tozzz 3al guys!

  2. :P trust me, some guys still don't think girls can program, ka2anno programming requires some brain cell that only exists in the guys brain.

  3. well the thing is, computer freaks are mainly guys (dumb guys). And many of them think that programing is only computer related! they forget that programing is all about logic, links and pilars!

  4. We prefer seeing girls handling more soft things like design/Web development.

    I can't imagine seeing a girl sitting in front of a PC coding all day long.

    it is not about ability or potential, it is about the work nature that really doesn't fit you girls at ALL!

  5. Maybe labor work is a bit hard on a woman, but your argument is completely false. Women already spend 12 hours per day working on a pc, what difference does itm ake if she's writing code? It's nothing but logic written in different syntaxes making the program as fast as it can.

    Have you been to programming companies? I have (to several), and the majority was female, so here you go, imagining is easier now.

  6. Oh and "we prefer seeing girls..." well prefer as much as you want, because unfortunately men don't choose anymore what woman can do. :P

    Kif mse2beh it's international women day. hihi

  7. hey joseph, don't say we as if you're including all men in your arguments.
    Personally i find it veryyyyyy sexy for a girl to code, haven't you seen hackers!! i mean sure angelina was fake, but i know someone who isn't, and damn she sure can code.
    take care now.

  8. I can code and hack...and it's not that hard!!! and when I have a project or something...I code all day till it's done ( 4 or 5 days)

    men can be funny sometimes when they think out loud :)

  9. WoW! my humble post has generated a lot of buzz.


    If you have this ability why not, I don't see anything wrong with it but the thing is some people claim they are programmers because they code some Javascript lines without realising that javascript isn't a programming language afterall ^_^.

    we should distinguish pure programming from application development wich requires the interaction of a set of technologies.

    Hacking is a bad act, if programming is an art, hacking is what make this art a TOTAL crime.


    I appreciate your brutal initiative but when I say "we" I mean the majority of men and not ALL of them.

    What argument are you talking about? I have just exposed an opinion based on a fact. If you are impressed with a girl hacking systems I wouldn't encourage you to appreicate her act. Try to initiate a conversation with here and make here stop such hostile activities.


    I am not here to debate with you but if you consider my argument -an idea that is shared by the majority of men - I guess you should reconsider your statement and try to make it more eligible.

    Your first 2 sentences read like this --> "You are right in one section ( wich is the only one in my statement) but your argument is totally wrong". We can spot here a contradiction between a valid opinion that I introduced and a fabricated one that ou have deduced!

    A man has no authority over a woman but he has an influence that may affect the way she lives and makes decisions. Unless you have a problem with them in general!


  10. LOL
    I can't code, I wish I could, but if I need coding done, I would definitely rely on a woman to do the job for me; be it for the only reason that the coding will be clean, clear and easy to read. No offence guys akid.

  11. The evolution of programming languages like C# already involve clear and intuitive syntax. Now how efficient the code is, it is up on how you can manage to optimize it using various patterns that belong to this specific language.

    Clean, clear and easy are wrong keywords in the programming vocabulary. Talk about optimization, Bug free, reusability.

    Fallacy is clearly the wrong weapon to debate with.

  12. hehe joseph, using words like fabrication and contradiction don't prove anything. You haven't really answered my questions, you only turned around them. As for the whole men influencing women, i agree of course, but it really doesnt have to do with what i said.

    Reminder, you said: "We prefer seeing girls handling more soft things like design/Web development"

    That is totally sexist, in case you haven't noticed.

    Finally, you're an old colleague in UL, however, I really think you have issues with "scripting" and "programming" you talk about programming like it was some kind of "praying" and cult, seriously, it's not that big of an issue.

    A good programmer, is only someone good at their job and nothing more.

    I am saying all this with an open heart.

    So, Peace :)

  13. My precious friend liliane, I have a great respect for you and for that I am not going to delve into further debating. Maybe we can continue this discussion face to face somewhere/sometime. When a discussion deviate from its primarily purpose and become an "assumption pump" I rather end it up here. I am sorry if you felt offended or something.

    "I am saying all this with an open heart.

    So, Peace :)

    Peace ^_^

  14. for joseph: and by the majority you actually mean you and your 2 other nerdy friends? (no offense to nerds, i'm one of you) or you really mean in arabe utopia, where men rule and women are short and flat headed (for those of u who know this joke). i'm ashamed that you "joseph" have said that, now i have to change my name, or wear a paper bag over my head. I don't mean to be mean, but i guess these ideas are the kind of ideas that ruined civilizations, and i'm guessing also you have no facts or statistics or anything, are you by any chance a politician?!

  15. ^^^
    I am what I am.

    If you want to build your statements on assumptions you will not move the discussion forward but you will decrease its value until the thread dies.

    From now on, try to base your statements on facts, find a way to increase your reasoning a little more maybe your brain will pump some logic statements. and if you can't you just need to move on with your life.

  16. Joseph, I don't agree with how Joe approached his message, however, you're telling him to based his statements on facts while you haven't done so yourself.

    And coco, nsit jewbik, right on! :P

  17. The ultimate fact that my whole discussion is based on is that This type of work is somewhat a hard job for a woman, that's why I have used the keyword soft that fits is this context and not in sexism.

    The thing is you are assuming that my statements are build on assumptions and they are simply not. I can't simply figure out the reason behind that.

  18. Because you did the same Joseph, it's weird that you can't see it. You're telling us that we assumed inno your statements are build on assumptions, while you did the same.
    Teniyan, you stilld haven't told us why you think it's hard on a woman to do coding. Mishen when you give no proof, it is usually considered sexism as it only sounds as an opinion of yours.

    I see a lot of other jobs out there that require a lot of effort from a person, and women are doing it. So why not programming?

    Maybe if scientifically proven that women are less smart and less logical (which is completely absurd because usually a woman is much more logical and organized than a man --> proven fact, look it up) anyway, if that's proven, ok I will say you're right.

    Bass to say heik its hard with no proof or fact and just saying what you "prefer", this is an assumption by itself and you have every right to it, but don't tell someone else that they're assuming themselves because hayda sar double standards.

    Anyway, so, why can't they program? And we're not talking javascript or ASP or PHP, we're talking pure programming, the logic, the flexibility, the reusability, the fast performance, the bugless application. Why not?