Monday, March 26, 2007

Taboo subjects

There actually still exists a lot of taboo subjects in Lebanon, in some places more than others however in general, they are present.

First topic - Homosexuality:

Homosexual persons are still struggling to come out, many living a lie in order to succumb and be in form with the society's standards and judgmental members.

Second topic - Sex

Pre-marital sex in specific, and virgins, those who where, those who weren't yet had a "certain" operation to return to being a virgin in worry of the wedding night and being exposed as non-virgins, and those who are not and labelled by many as "bad" girls. Focussing on girls, because guys don't really have this problem, they have another, and I will share my theory with you next time.

Third topic - AIDS

HIV Positive does not only scare a person because this means they are no longer healthy and death awaits in years, it is because they worry of what their parents will say and how they will react. They are scared that they will be labelled. Immediately the term HIV positive labels a man as gay, whether he is or he isn't, it is not the issue, the issue is, some people believe "he deserves it" or "she deserves it".

To be elaborated more about in the future, for now, if anyone has any experience or story or opinion to share, please do, I am looking forward to hear your words.


  1. Lili,

    Don't you think that religion is also the biggest taboo nowadays?

    Ya3neh pre-marital sex 3am yemsheh 7alo shwey shwey so is homosexuality :D

  2. Well ntebih, fi a lot of homosexuals persons, and so many people are having pre-marital sex, but they don't talk about it out in the open.

    However el religion, it's not taboo bi ma3na talking about different religions, and we do talk out in the open about the religions validity and if they're right or not... at least for me, this has been a subject I speak about all the time, w ma fiyo shi jdid :P

  3. hmmmmm, you're right, coming to think of it, when you speak of religion you get labeled as Ta2ifeh, while if you go public about your HIV status you get stigmatized!