Monday, March 12, 2007

Life is weird

Life is weird, when you want something you don't get it, when you get it, you don't really appreciate it, when you appreciate it, you start wanting something else.

I can't remember the last time I was laughing from my heart or being genuinely happy. Until now, the only times that were really fun were unplanned. Every time something is planned, it is completely and utterly unsurprising, unnatural and fake.

So we wait for those surprising, natural and real moments, and then...? My French literature teacher at school used to always say: "Le bonheur n'est pas dans la possession, le bonheur est de le souvenir".

The only answer I believe is go crazy, act like a complete bonehead, scream and not give a crap of what other people thinkl; go on adventures, without worrying how much you're spending or if you're allowed to take off days at work.

We're such cowards. (by we I mean me, and whoever else wants to join me :P)

P.S. That's me in the picture, maybe 4 years ago in our network staring at the pc like the robot, I still stare this way.


  1. your french teacher sucks :P.
    du not de le

  2. shou hay? du not de le???

  3. Innovation is the key for a unique accomplishment.

    Try to change a certain parameters in your life maybe you can start predicting and manipulating correctly certain outcomes.

    If you want something and you get it but didn't like it or even enjoy it, it is because you weren't able to handle it corretly.

    Try to undertake things differently. You simply need to find this change in your life.

  4. Tabi3eh, innovation, finding something new, studying what your next step will be, making plans.. we all know that, if anyone thinks 50 times about their next step it's me. and this is precisely why I said we shouldn't do so on all matters. We have become so careful, that we don't enjoy "spontaneous" moments anymore.

    As for handling, that's not my problem, katter kheir allah I handle everything that comes my war (or at least did so far), but handling it, doesn't mean enjoying it.

    I just miss the simple moments, going camping, sitting on the ground, looking like a weirdo.. Now we can't do this anymore, we're adults :S

  5. Lili,

    From the look at pic, We say.. Damn this girl can Program :D

  6. Lol M(x9)... unfortunately yes, when I focus on something, you can't distract me even if there is rave party going on near me :P bass I gotta love what I am doing :D

  7. 7ada bi ellik "litterature française"?! le bonheur est dans le souvenir, eh?
    La littérature de Coco bet2oul - w mad3oumeh bi 20 seneh expérimentations w souvenirs - kessekht bonheur men hal no3, baddna bonheur tabi3eh wloh! :)

    Funny that we would be crazy and boneheads if we don't plan and plan again before we do something. Maybe we should be crazy, if this is what brings genuine happiness.

    Who said we can't go camping, sit on the ground, walk in the streets of Zouk with a Chuppa Chupps in my mouth, or laugh outloud in a crowded area? I'm counting on that for "when I grow up" :)

  8. I like your answers, I always wait for them. Count me in the walking in zouk with a chupa chups when you come next time ;)

  9. :) You so sweet, thank you.
    And for the Zouk chupa chups walks, you're on sister!
    Nshalla ma yekhtefo metel 3elkit el Bomba wel Globe Wafers abel ma erja3.

  10. you sure know how to give the "duh" look while working

  11. Bomba gum? :P Globe Wafers? Ashou holeh?

    MFL, well actually I look very angry when I am focusing hayde se2abit looking like a weirdo in it.

  12. I only look weirdo when I am playing video games!

    Other than that, my PC enters into a "Total ownage" status while working on it.

  13. Liliane, interesting thoughts indeed.

    But the reason I came across your blog, was me googling "Globe Wafers" which was referenced in Coco's response :)

    This of course after eating chocolate filled wafers I just bought, and thinking to myself
    "In my 18 years in Canada, I have yet to taste a choclate bar like the Globe Wafers from back home"

    So I was happy to see there is at least one more fan ou there ! ! Thank you Coco

    Wish you all the best Liliane.....

  14. I like how you took the time to actually comment and tell me how you got here :)

    And you know, surprisingly enough re-reading this post (Life is weird) came at the right time.. sorta!

    Hope you enjoyed the read