Monday, March 26, 2007


Did you know that Russia actually exists in Asia and Europe?

Being more of a Math person and astronomy person, History and Geography really didn't intrigue me during school, and I regret not being interested in them back then. I don't think that I was the only one who wasn't interested in materials such as History and Geography, and for many Math wasn't interesting at all, it is because the importance of such knowledge and information are not emphasized and explained. We pass through school as just a phase. History was never a story, it was a text that we needed to recite as it is.

I remember always thinking and telling myself: "If one day I am a surgeon operating on a patient, would I be telling the patient what happened during World War I, would this save their life?" Of course, my question was wrong in principle, because I wouldn't be doing the integral of a function either...


  1. Kenit kella bi Asia iyyem ma kenet ana bel madrasseh. I too wasn't interested bass one year we had to use the atlas and this was very interesting. To tell you the truth, it helped me a lot once I came here and had to read maps :)
    Bass eh, kenit kella bi Asia w ba3den I guess when it was divided, some of it became part of Eastern Europe.
    Don't ask me about History though lol

  2. Turkey is mostly in Asia and small faction in Europe. Istambul is divided by a river into European and Asian Istambul.

    Currently Turkey is (due to Mustapha Kamal's drastic reform policies) is part of Europe, and plays in the European Sports different federations

  3. yeah true about turkey, I knew that. It was Russia that puzzled me... and others, I asked people around.

    Coco, bi canada and the US, if you don't know how to follow maps you're doomed :P