Monday, March 19, 2007

I got stuck in the bathroom for 3 hours

How did YOU spend your Saturday afternoon? Well, on Saturday afternoon, sitting along at home, I decided to go see a friend whom I haven't been speaking with for the past 4 years, and finally water got under the bridge and we decided to meet and catch up. So I told her I will meet her in Starbucks Zalka at 4:15 pm. Then I remembered that my car wasn't with me, and my brother had parked it in Dora, so I needed to go and get it. I told Joe that he will need to give me a lift to my car in 30 minutes or so, moreover he was waiting for my cue so he can come and pick me up.
At 3:35 pm, I thought I would go to the bathroom (you know, better at home than public restrooms), get dressed and leave for my appointment.

I got out of the bathroom at 6:45pm. You're wondering why? Well continue reading then.

I have this reflex for many things I do on a daily basis, and locking the door is one of these things. So when I went in the bathroom, I locked it while on my pc a song for Jimmi Hendrix was playing, "Hey Joe", however, it's screwed up and it keeps making all those khhhhhhhhh, khwaaaaaaaaaaaakh shiiiiiiiiish sounds, you would think it's been inhabited by demons. As it pissed me off so much, I didn't really do anything in the bathroom, decided to get out, turn off the media player then get back in. And tadaaaaaaaaaaa the lock wouldn't open. It got stuck, and not "there is hope to open" stuck, but stuck-stuck!

All those thoughts rushed through my head like "What's wrong with me? Why did I lock the door when I am home alone?", second I thought "Wish I told Joe to pick me up directly and not just wait for my call!", third "If this doesn't open, then they will have to break the front door, because I have it locked from the inside" and concluded "Wow, is this ridiculous or what, breaking two doors to rescue me from my own bathroom because I am too paranoid!"

Of course, the girl I was supposed to meet called me 5 times, however couldn't answer as the mobile was in my room. Then Joe called me almost 20 times, then after 2 hours and a half he finally confirmed that something's definitely wrong!

By the time he got here, I heard him, told him what's happening then he checked with the neighbors and stuff, the neighbors came, broke the front door then the bathroom door and finally I got out.

What did I do during those 3 hours? Well I found one scissors, so I used it to dig a whole around the lock and maybe try and open the door myself, if I had 90 more minutes myself I think I would've succeeded. Anyway I was also surprisingly positive, because I knew Joe would finally notice I was missing, and that I didn't have a migraine orelse the experience would've sucked dramatically!

Dad told me the next day in order to prevent from such things to happen, I will need to store keep food in the bathroom :P


  1. Hahahaha, hilarious, and I was wondering why didn't you go for lost :D!!

    Ya3neh Lili niyyelik 3ala toul belik!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 7amdella 3a salemtik :)

  3. hahahahahah... poor you :P
    next time...just crack the door open...
    give it a few kicks...
    (unless you were barefoot).

  4. Thanks guys, well Kodder, you think I didn't try? I was wearing a flip flop though, I even ran and hit it with my shoulder, but the problem is the door opens to the inside, so all my efforts 3al fadeh... :P I had a backache later on

  5. oh my god!!!!
    i once got stuck in the bathroom at work for like 5 minutes and I totally freaked out!!! 3 hours?!?!

  6. lol nightS, well I don't usually freak out under such circumstances, however I have a long-term chronic complexe because of it :P

  7. Hahahahahahaha :D
    Sorry but I can't keep myself from laughing.
    If it was me, after 3 hours akid kenet janet lol :D

  8. Hehe nah trust me, a person would surprise herself.