Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moral abuse

After coming in to the office today, late, I went in to my colleagues office to greet them, colleagues who became friends, and as soon as I saw my friend, I was 100% sure she didn't have any allergies or sickness, but that she had cried all night.

Even when I know the reason, I still feel helpless, all I have is my words, my cheap words...

How can you tell someone to get out of moral abuse, it is much harder than we think it is, it is not as easy as it sounds, leaving such an issue after dealing with it for years, is life-changing, and a person is too upset with themselves for the mistake they have done, that they keep hoping that maybe it will get better and wash off their mistake... but meanwhile, things would be getting worse, and the person would be drowning deeper, lacking more and more oxygen to swim up and save themselves...


  1. I think you should find the person who is doing this to her and beat his ass off!!!

  2. hehehe, aslan I always tell her the reason why she never introduced me to him is because I might tell him something!

  3. Without interfering in her personal affairs.. she is the only one who can make a decision for herself.

    It is easy for me to say..I will walk out immediately if I were in her shoes.. but circumstances are different and she knows better what she is getting herself into.

    Coming to grips with an abusive situation and working your way out of it takes time.

    Your friend needs support and a hug from you.. and someone to get her mind off her misery .. and you could do that!

  4. You're very right. You know if she were physically abused it would be easier to help her out of it, but moral, it's so discrete, it's like, you don't really have a proof for such a thing.

    And thank you for your advice, you got it right :) After all that's what friends do.