Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy thoughts and whatnot

Write from the heart. A piece of advice I received lately. How do you write from the heart? Do you like connect your keyboard to your heart? Or do you move your eyes to your heart?

It is amazing how we know that when we think, it's actually from up there, from that egg shaped ball that we call head. Even if we don't study the anatomy of the human body, we can sense that all the processing of the perception of the outside world is done inside our own Arnabita! It looks like one, it also looks like naked walnuts, or like irish cream thrown in liquor, also known as BRAIN DAMAGE shot :P

Can you imagine if your eyes were in your stomach? or better yet, on your toes? Okay crazy thought, but what if, our eyes remain in the same location as now but our brains are in our foot. We'd be dumber, you know, since it will take longer for the perception of the outside world to reach the brain, and then its response to travel back up, possibly out from your hands or mouth or even your eyes. You know, eyes are not only an input device (computer term, i.e. Keyboard and Microphone), it is also an output device (also computer term, i.e. Screen, Sound Blasters). Because I personally can speak with my eyes, I actually once ordered a hamburger with them!... Without onions and with cheese.

Maybe this is why it is faster to speak than it is to write or type. It's all related to how far an organ is from the brain! So genius of me!

Ok really, am not high on anything. I am just writing from the heart. I got a feeling that I am going to click on the SAVE NOW button instead of PUBLISH POST. I am so silly. And I like it :)

You know what? I am gonna click on ....


  1. I love your crazy posts. It's like you jump from one crazy thought to another before I get the chance to blink! Oh well, the brain ;)