Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Night 3

Me trying to read a map
De toute façon... My utter shock today was how expensive this restaurant I got invited to is, and I swear I wouldn't eat the things in it for free. You know, moule, escargot, faux filet, bli bla blou... And all the time I spent today were either at work (stayed till 19h30, like yesterday, and then went to meet my cousins, stayed in the resto till midnight, then metro, BLEH)

I slapped myself today when I noticed that I started thinking in french. My eyelids have been closing since morning today, I think I really should get more sleep...

In conclusion, Paris day 2, Night 3, was okay. I can do better tomorrow!

Oh and I bought a bag (SUKKUMEN = Sac à main) today, because mine is torn in some places! yey for me, it was cheap 27Euros, which is almost 42USD, which is 63000LL! AHH

Oh, okay fine I get it, people love reading here, but I didn't know that it went that far, today a girl was walking in the metro station holding a book and reading it, not a small newspaper article or something, no a whole book, while walking!!

And I saw several women wearing business skirts riding a bike. And several riding a motorbike! That I like!

Near place de Bastille

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