Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 day in Newyork

The first shop I went into in Newyork, its owner was Lebanese. I mean, ouf!

1 day in Newyork is definitely not enough, nonetheless satisfactory. In 1 day we got a parking ticket, the middle finger, and walked 5 miles!

My experience in NY taught me the following:
- Newyork smells like pipi
- Newyorkers drive like the Lebanese
- Newyorkers are as edgy as the Lebanese
- The Pizza in Newyork is delicious
- I will never get enough of eating M&Ms, and there are M&Ms with strawberry flavor
- Visiting Newyork with the family drives you crazy


  1. But with all that it's a quite an experience ;)

  2. It is my favorite city (I think).