Sunday, May 03, 2009

I woke up today thinking about this, so I might as well post about it. I remember watching a show about a person, who was a girl, and changed her gender to become a guy. The show is about helping this "new" guy look at the world as a man, and one of the things they took him to was a self-defense class. Anyway, the whole point I am trying to get to is the fact that if a person attacks you, the first thing you have to say and say out loud is NO. Because when you say that, you get to break the shock you might fall into.

And another thing I remember reading in an email, it was about men attacking women to try and rape them, in summary they said attackers are cowards, if the woman puts up a fight, kicks and hits, screams, he will give up soon and leave.

So here are two things for women out there if you ever felt in danger and when the attacker is close, say NO, and hit. And the best thing would be to learn a couple of self-defense moves. Scream


  1. Good advice for when I am back in London ;)

  2. Just grab him in the balls :P

  3. Use what you have, if you are gonna go physical with a man on an equal level, then most probably you would lose.
    Cheat instead:
    women have long nails, high heels, and huge bags that weight a ton.
    attack sensitive spots: testicles, eyes, ears,scalp, neck.That would work trying to punch him in the arm, wouldn't.

  4. you know the magic power in old fighting video games ... the ability to freeze someone while you kick his ass, or choose to run, or read a book :P ...well hitting him in the balls gives you this power...and as peter Parker's uncle once said: " with great power comes great responsability" use it well , never in a prank ( rsik of permanent damage) :)