Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And they think they're the smart ones

I officially declare not being able to live without the internet. My
hell would be a computer with no internet. I mean if there was no
computer, it would be easier, but if there is, it's like, you have a
horse with no legs, or a Ferrari with no engine, or a hamburger with
no meat...

Notes to self:
1- Never ever take a stun-gun to a high-security building.. because
that will give security guys to start acting cute with you. But it's
fine, I love it much men are gullible, what I do is just act silly, a
bit naive and innocent, and they let me by without creating much
trouble. If it was a man in my place.. 7aram 3anjad.

2- Don't start thinking you got something way ahead, way way ahead...
Because you might fall right there on your face. Keep your legs on the


  1. ehm... vegetarian burger.

  2. kodder exactly, it aint a hamburger :P

    marooned :D

  3. technically neither is a hamburger as we know it.
    Since burgers are usually made of beef. Ham is pork :P

  4. Ma fhemet el notes to self!

  5. I would say a Ferrari without an engine is basically a small apartment in Montreal :P

  6. lol serpico

    Delirious, mishen heik hinneh to self :P lol

  7. Shu beha el ferrari with no engine? leh ma 3ajbetek? Put in it a Renault 12 engine men 7ayala kasr and it'll do fine within the city, it would do magic in fact :) :P

    And yes small steps are easier to take I guess

  8. About the second point in your post:
    "When expectations end, peace begins."
    - Sri Chinmoy

  9. Rany, its fine I can always put my VR6's engine in the ferrari's body :P mish 3atle abadan!

    serpico.. the difficulty is to know the difference between expectation and ambition

  10. Act cute, naive, stupid and perhaps forget to button your shirt, eh eh mna3refoun kelloun hol el 7araket!!! ma3leish :P

  11. ma bta3erfo shi, iza kashafta lal khabriye its because the girl wants you to :P