Friday, May 08, 2009

Why why whyyy?

I can't focus on work. Everytime I feel there is a change near by in
my life, I start to lose my concentration abilities which are not that
good by the way (I am growing old)...

What to do what to do, with no concentration, I cannot write functions
and procedures and queries...

p.s. If we outsource, what will I work then? Eh?


  1. @ least you can write posts ;)
    what change near by ?? what what whattt?

  2. I can't focus on anything :)

  3. You will work as a project manager

  4. Serpico lol... i donno about project management, i always thought maybe it's the thing for me to do.. bas am not sure... call me nerd, I like debugging :$

    AAL career wise?

    Rany! shou fi ya ibneh, khaberneh :)

  5. 3ade, usual stuff on all fronts bas ana zhe2et, it happens from time to time :)....Project management is cool, you get to debug on a larger scale ;)