Friday, May 08, 2009

FD stands for...

I can't believe I still get scared of traveling by plane. Scary.

Think positive:
1- I will see Coldplay live in 12 days
2- I will go see some big Aquarium
3- I might go to New Jersey and New York City
4- I will see Dad after 3 years
5- I might get to drive a truck
6- I will buy a lot and a lot of clothes
7- I might catch the swine flu.. oh wait this goes under thinking negative!
8- I might come back and see another change happen in my life... no am
not getting married.

One of my dreams is to direct and orient youth into finding out what
they really want to do in life, and the ironic thing is I still don't
know what I should have done with mine. I've told two persons what's
possible for them to do and they listened, and they're both abroad and
they say they're happy. That's not enough criteria.

I think it's PD again... (Paranoid day). I once started to log my type
of days, I go through PD, DD (depressing), SD (suicidal), AD (angry),
CD (crazy), GD (genius, looking everything up, reading 10 words per
second), ND (nagging.. maybe it should be NDs lol), HD (happy), TD
(talkative), BD (blogging)...

I think today is a combination of many Ds.. I know I will look at that
post again and say, how come people listen to me when I talk? Unless
they're listening to me on GD...

... I think am just scared.


  1. hehe... just take a sleeping pill and you'll be fine.

  2. I liked this post... A lot :) Good luck Lilo and enjoy it :* Positive, positive, positive... is the way to go!

  3. Serpico, i wanted to coz i wasn't sleeping well :P still am not! la la la *thinking happy thoughts lol*

    posh merci :)