Sunday, September 19, 2010

Armenia Night 1 - Day 2

Real people, not statues


Tunnel inside a building (vehicles pass through it)

Huge roundabout :P

Something governmental

Near the opera house. Many cool games and toys for the kids to play

Most photos are "barely stop and shoot", nevertheless I thought I'd share the beauty of Yerevan with you guys because I know many want to go to Armenia.

I also want to note that I am picking up on the Armenian language, but the "Hayastan" language not so much :P

Opera House
National Armenian Musem

Sweets Place - Authenticity

And of course the famous hand made carpets (I got someone a gift from here, won't say who :P)
Other then that, loving the 3G connection, cool breeze in the weather, the 24/7 electricity, the diversity of people here. I have to say though, there is like decades of fashion difference between the ladies and the men here, men seem to be stuck in 1963.

Someone important I reckon :P

There are many places that put a carpet near the entrance door
Random street, I just liked it
What's with the heels! Many many high heels


  1. Ohhhh! loving the photos. Thank you so much. My best friend, who's like a sister, is Armenian and I have always wanted to go to Yerevan with her. Now you have made it a must. Enjoy, enjoy and keep taking photos :-)

  2. Amazing pictures Lil. Can't wait for the rest!

  3. Why do they put a carpet near the entrance door?
    Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing

  4. I love the photos! By the way, we need the heels coz us armenians aren't well endowed when it comes to height ;-)

  5. What is the "Hayastan" language? Lovely photos..did you get one depicting the fashion difference? @Sareen..well @Funkyozzi was blessed with the height! I envy her! haha
    Your photo of the opera house is magical!