Monday, September 20, 2010

Armenia Day 3

Khor Virap
The dungeon where Saint Gregory the Illuminator was kept for 13 years
Inside of the Khor Virap church
Inside of the dungeon, there was another one, let's just say I blame it on carrying a camera and not being scared :P
Here you go, the famous Mount Ararat (Massis Summit, more than 5000 meter above sea level)
Ararat means Creation. I found it to be a better name than what the Turkish call it
How weird is this car
Noravank Monastery
Noravank Monastery (More than 2000 m above sea level)
Inside of the church
Still alive min iyyem el soviet :P
They make wine from pomegranate and cherry and put them in coca cola bottles
Near the wine factory, south of Armenia
Wine tasting, pomegranate wine is good, got myself a bottle
Finalizing it with the city center where they are preparing for tomorrow, as it is Armenia's Independence Day :)

Traditional Armenian Dancing
Celebration of Armenian Independence day


  1. Ohhhhhh... Thank you so much for these amazing photos. I especially loved the Noravank Monastery, the Soviet bus, the display of bottles outsie the little shack on the road... yani all of them! Missing you but enjoy and keep the photos coming :-)

  2. very nice set of pictures, thanks from Montreal

  3. missing you too micha, glad ur liking the photos, btw your pomegranate souvenir is with me ;)

    Fernando, awesome glad you enjoyed them

  4. The engravings at the Capella are beautiful..and love the sneakers lol

  5. I just added Armenia to my travel wishlist