Thursday, September 16, 2010

My newest prayer

I will not wait for the government to put more laws so I follow them
I will not skip in line
I will not cross at red traffic lights
I will not drive in the wrong direction
I will not speed too much
I will not wait for luck to turn for me
I will not wait for things to get better
I will not wait to be happy

I am happy starting this second
Things are better already
My luck is what I make starting now
I know.


Now Playing - a certain song in an acoustic version ;)


  1. Loving the positive vibe... it suits u ;)

  2. Love it! Good for you and have a super holiday :-)

  3. Good on you, Liliane. That's the spirit. Everything starts from a personal initiative.

  4. the post is tagged twice as funny :P I was being serious though haha

  5. I will not speed TOO much..haha glad to see you didn't take too long of a break from blogging! Sometimes three days is all you need to feel inspired again!