Saturday, September 25, 2010

Armenia Day 7 and last one. A trip to remember

I loved that there were flowers everywhere in Armenia - This is in Garni, the last pagan temple to stand in Armenia

This was also taken in Garni. On that note, trees of pomegranate are also called Trees of Life :)

Red Leaves... *sigh*

I know this post is too flowery, but I had to mention how much I love daisies

Garni - looking at the valley, there is a river called Avazan

The rocks are something aren't they - Garni

Garni, the last pagan temple to remain in Armenia after all were destroyed once Christianity was accepted as a state religion in the year 301

Oh Yeah

This is Geghard church, a church part carved in the rock part built, Truly a wonder. I loved this church. 

Geghard church, notice how all churches have 4 columns and a window on top. Tradition. We were lucky that our Tourist guide chanted in this church manifesting how it echoes. A really touching moment.

"Wish upon" tree. You basically hang anything from your clothing or belongings near a holy place, in this case Geghard. Oh one person even put an "always" nylon paper :P I put a wet wipe :$

This is taken with my phone btw, my camera's battery died on me. Beautiful sight indeed, this is Avazan river near Geghard

Geghard church, part carved part built by 2 dynasties

Bread with some sugar inside, really delicious.

And this was my last stop, the cascade, but I did not go up those stairs, I truly was tired hehe
Last 5 photos were taken with my phone so :/ bare with me. Anywho, I want to thank you guys for following up on those last 7 days, it's the 2nd time I travel blog, and first time I do it in that way. I really enjoyed it, every time I shot a photo I was thinking of you and you and you... I know am a very amateur photographer, but I do hope I was able to translate the beauty I saw in Armenia (Yerevan, Sevan, Garni, Ejmiyatzin, Geghard, Ararat Valley, etc...)

And for those who are expecting a souvenir from me, they're with me, some of you I will see on Tuesday, stalk you then ;)


  1. Ohhhh Lil, this is my favorite... I love Garni, the flowers, the nature, the wilderness of it. And I love daisies too. I spot a new avatar there!!! And the photos were great throghout the 7 days and posts. Professional photos are often overrated. Thank you for taking us along on this trip. Thanks to you I look forward visiting beautiful Armenia. :-)

  2. Lil lil lil , your blogs were just awesome ! It was exciting to read your blogs and what you think because I wanted to know your point of view about Armenian and now i know you really loved it ..and Thank you for making all the other tweeps excited to visit Armenia :-)

  3. very nice pictures. very beautiful country.
    the Church is amazing.
    thank you.

  4. These photos put my Miami photos to shame! I'm almost embarrassed to talk about Miami now..what history, what culture, what natural beauty there is in Armenia..amplified by your presence of course.. :)

    Speaking of travel blogging - its fun huh? Makes you actively seek out more is a bit tiring too though, because of that! Thanks for sharing!