Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Armenia Day 4 - Independence day

At one point I was having doubts whether to visit Armenia or not, but after today, my doubts have been murdered and buried in Jupiter!

Today, my cousin's friends and us went to Lake Sevan, then Dilijan...

Before we embark on today's journey, I want to say that I started my day with very good news (in hope that they will become great soon), and I had the stupidest smile in the morning :)

Finally, I am loving the fact that I am sharing photos with you guys, it is making my experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Thank you.

Hand carved stone, Armenia is very famous for it, it is clear from all the carvings in their churches

Sevanavank Monastery, legend says a princess built it because she was in love with a monk

Painter looking out towards lake Sevan - highest lake in Europe, more than 2000 meters above sea level

All touristic monuments in Armenia have a big board that describe the place
and give a little history, This project is supported by USAID

Pomegranate looking out at lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is huge, treated like a beach with many resorts and water activities

Indicating how big the fish are that they're selling. So many of these kids on the road

Many small corn snacks in the middle of nowhere

Dilijan has been added to one of my favorite places ever. The nature there is breath-taking, and the photos did not do them justice, it was broad day light, I just couldn't translate what I saw, and this saddens me. So, if...I mean, WHEN you come to Armenia, Dilijan is a must see village. In the photos, I specify some places you should check out.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed yet, VANK means monastery :)

Getap Complex- Dilijan. It's a restaurant, where each group or family get their own 
cottage to eat in, and all these cottages oversee the river :)

Getap Complex - Dilijan

Goshavank -  Dilijan

Our last stop - tawalitle 3omre :)

Tufenkian Hotels - Old Dilijan

I was having mint tea, looking at this view... Price: Priceless :)
Tufenkian Hotels - Old Dilijan

Celebration of Armenia's Independence Day (19 years)


  1. Missed Day 4 last night as I fell asleep before you sent them, but what a beautiful views to wake up to. I am loving the vanks and the scenery, the river, the pomegranate looking at Lake Sevan and what an enchanting place Dilijan is. Thank you for showing us these beautiful places. Enjoy Day 5 :-)0

  2. :D so now Dilijan is on your list eh? daroure! it is a beautiful village, I really persist that the photos I took do not do them justice, I wish I was there during the afternoon... but go there :) do it

  3. I love the little boy with his arms wide open! What beautiful pictures..I'm sure you are sooo happy you went! How could you even think of not going?!?