Friday, June 12, 2009


I don't feel like working, I feel like listening to music, driving (or being with someone who will drive) somewhere in Lebanon, to Jbeil to Batroun, to the south, enjoying the scenery, eating something in some kiosk on the road, if anything and I can't leave this cage, at least I would want to be reading, like reading this blog sietske-in-beiroet for example, she rocks, she makes me see Lebanon from a whole different point of view, I've been in this blogosphere since summer 2006, I've seen her blog, but first time I really dig in deep.

Heh, the word blogosphere is underlined with red, they should add it to the dictionary.

Yesterday, we were talking about migraine and other head pains, and as I have occasional migraines (touch wood, haven't had one in more than a month), my colleague asked me if my head hurts if I laugh too hard, I told her, I don't recall the last time I laughed hard. Nfa2aset, why don't I?


  1. Hi Liliane, thank you for your kind comments! Yes, the place is beautiful. The coordinates are 33°49'38.72"N & 35°40'11.08"E (just type them into Google Earth, and they'll get you there). Enjoy it!

  2. Ok will type them in! just after I download google earth.

    I have a feeling it's somewhere in the south. We'll see :)