Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wrist Hurts

My right hand's wrist has been hurting me since last night. I have a
feeling I will not be able to type with my right hand for a couple of
days. What caused it? 9 hours of programming per day, add to it the 2
to 4 hours internet-ting at home... that might have caused it! Welcome
to the new millennium.


  1. Ente da7iyet l tatawour. Al mawt li amrika!! W hek.

  2. Be careful and take a small break from computing!
    It might lead to some serious injury later...

  3. Code with your left hand. It's easy :P... Salemtik

  4. Rami, khatyaret wlo ktefeh ideh ra2ebte :P mazbout da7iyet el tattawoun!

    Serpico, I already do lol