Monday, June 01, 2009

I think I snapped

I woke up today to so many weird dreams, like people making me go vote, and then finding out that you have to wear a weird uniform with shreshib on it, like a security officer uniform, everyone has to, and then having to walk for a long time until you reach the voting booth, and I had 2 lists, 1 list having 1 name, of a female candidate, Nadine something, and another list having 3 names, so I thought I might as well vote for the lonely candidate, she's 14 March, so apparently if I have a gun in my head obliging me to vote, even in my subconscious I would rather be ruled by 14 March than the opposition. But then I woke up thinking I don't want to vote, I don't want to vote, everyone shouldn't vote... I am having elections nightmare apparently.

Anyway, I woke up to see an email from a work colleague telling me that as Monday June 8th is supposed to be a day off, a holiday, an official one declared by Ziad Baroud some time ago, the company I work for figured that yes we should be off on that day but on our own expenses. And I barely have any days off left, and if they had made this decision since 3amna Baroud came up with his decision, I could've extended my stay in the US at least 4 more days, because I barely came here for 2 weeks. So I snapped and sent my project manager an email. We'll see what happens, I honestly don't give a flying shit anymore.

It would've been better if they did what they usually do and is ignoring days off that are decided along the year and us going to work normally.


  1. But you can always postpone your flight back, provided that you find places. you might find a place on June 8th since I know a couple of people who have recently found a flight back on that day.

  2. my flight is tomorrow, am not sure how much i can do

  3. Our company is refusing to recognize that day as a day off :(