Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Disappearing in the Atlantic... damn!

I can never imagine what those people felt just before their plane crashed. The plane is not found yet, but it's out there in the Atlantic ocean with no transmission whatsoever, 99.9999% these people are now victims. What did they feel? Is it like dying in a tragic car accident or falling of a bicycle, or being hit by car? Maybe it is, when you're about to die, it doesn't matter how it's happening I guess.

But maybe when you're on a plane it's more of a shock, people can go into an unrealistic moment, not believing what's happening to them, and if they did, now that's rough, because count the time since the plane starts crashing and until it does, I believe it took a couple of minutes, and maybe it was the longest minutes in their lives. I am so sad for these people and for their relatives, dying in a plane scares me the most, because you're leaving a place, either happy you're leaving this place or happy you're going to another, you were just on vacation or going to do some business, and then bam... your plane gets hit by lightning.

I still get scared when I get on a plane, I got better with time, and tomorrow I will be on another 3 planes, 3 take-offs, 3 landings. See you in 2 days.


  1. Just thinking out loud...

    Most of the people fear dying in an airplane because it's the slowest death part they can get (the time the airplane starts going down until its crash), and that's where they have an intense feeling of fear. The death part in car accidents, free falls, etc... is much faster than dying in an airplance. Even though cancer and other forms of sickness makes it slower to die, but the actual death part where patients have an intense fear right before dying is still faster than the airplane, and in all other moments the patient would be experiencing pain and not much of fear (a little bit compared to the fear of the airplane).

  2. For some reason, and I don't know why, I always believe that if I were on a crashing plane then I would survive... weird!

  3. oh and nshalla tousaleh bil saleimeh!

  4. Lilz,

    I am extremely shocked... mainly because it's Air France - supposedly one of the world's best airlines. And Airbus 330 is supposedly an excellent machine for both long haul and short haul flights. Shi bisattil! The plane had undergone maintenance just 6 weeks ago... This incident has taken my phobia of flying to some next level.

    Have a safe trip :*

  5. Serpico exactly my point!
    Rami, superman? :P
    Posh, I know :( bass aslan ana I don't like the Airbus, I like the boeing more. Bass you never know I guess

    And thanks :)