Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good knowledge, Bad knowledge

Imagine you had your "cabeza" (head) scanned, and it turns out you still have a few empty memory slots. Now you have to carefully decide what to "know" next.

For example:
1- Avoid superficial girl who thinks talking about dresses and accessories is interesting
2- Avoid listening to people who explain "conclusions". Mucha información es inútil!
3- Turn the deaf ear (ignore) to the people who talk about politics in Lebanon
4- Listen to your mom for the first 2 minutes only, because afterward
she's just repeating things

What else do you think we should do?


  1. Interesting list.

    But I must say... I find talking about dresses and accessories quite interesting. And shoes, bags, and fashion. And I do that quite often. I don't think I am superficial ;)

    5- Learn how to use a camera. There are moments that need to be captured!

  2. Really? I mean, yeah sometimes it's okay, but if I still have only a few empty memory slots, i'd rather fill them with something else! Unless I'm talkin with Elie Saab masalan then it's fine :P

  3. I get your point that it's not of interest to you especially when, hypothetically speaking, your memory slots are quite limited. And that's your right.

    Likewise, many others may and would consider fashion for one of these slots. Does this make them superficial? I think no; they may even be more profound in their thinking than those who sneer at fashion.

    Regardless of personal leanings, fashion is an art, a much more intricate one than it reveals, and that on its own should be worthy of respect. Don't you think?

  4. Posh, I didn't say all people who talk about fashion are superficial, i just don't wanna wind up listening to A superficial girl talkin about fashion and dresses etc...

    Nevertheless, I am trying to see your point and imaging having an interesting conversation about the subject, but I can't seem to succeed. Maybe one day you'll prove me wrong :)

    Serpico, is this socrates? :D
    Ok joking aside, not a bad idea at all

  5. Liliane,

    what if you wind up listening to A profound girl - as opposed to A superficial girl - talking about fashion and dresses? hmmm...

    Anyways, I definitely do not want you to be punished into listening/reading/hearing about fashion. And I have no desire to prove you wrong or anybody else for that matter. Each to their own.

    I was just requesting clarifications from you with regards to a statement you made. Only because I see you as someone who respects that people are diverse and different in their outlooks and interests and you are someone who is not prone to make fast judgements and form stereotypes of others. That's why statement no. 1 surprised me. Also because I found it a very weak fallacy. Example: A is a nerd. A is a techie. All those who are techies are nerds.

    Anyways I am glad you clarified your position with regards to statement no. 1.

    I hope you take all this with a grain of salt :)

  6. I got a feeling you're a bit sensitive about the subject. Sayir shi ma3ik? ;)

    Just so you know, when I said "Maybe one day you'll prove me wrong :)" it was a positive thing, not a challenge or any negative aspect. I just meant perhaps it might open my eyes to something :) Because I wouldn't wanna be stereotypical about people who talk fashion!

    As for the whole fallacy thingie, I would shoot myself if I ever made such a false implication. I'm sure there is a misunderstanding somewhere.

    And finally, I hope you take all this with a grain of sugar! :)

  7. Liliane,

    No, I was just bored and decided to have some fun with you ;) lol. Just kidding. Seriously though, isn't this what blogging is about? We propose ideas and await other people's reactions. This was my reaction. It disappoints me that you seem (from your highly sarcastic responses) to have taken it as an ad hominem attack just because I apparently do not share your point of view.

    Just so you know, I did not take your words as a challenge lol Why would I? I really said what I said with good intentions. When I engage in a debate/exchange of ideas, I do so with the aim of understanding the other rather than proving the other wrong. With subjective issues, there is no right or wrong.

    I think we're clear now cause you have clarified that you were not stereotyping and this is what I wanted to clarify!

    One spoonful :)

  8. 7abbet the "seem" w kif fawatte el highly sarcastic responses bil jemle lol.

    actually i thought inno inte tdeya2te or something, other then that no i didn't not take it as an ad hominem attack, walaw :)

    Bass ana 3etleneh ham the person who will eat this spoon, inno sugar w salt ma ba3ed, euh :P can i exchange it for chocolat mou or something :D

    yalla have a nice weekend. ana ra7 ontoli2 bi mine :D

  9. Well, with todays events and being a .NET developer with Microsoft hammering with new technologies every quarter, it is really hard to keep empty slots for knowledge storing.

    The only way to do this is to throw bad knowledge and fit instead good ones, that would be classified as brain refactoring.

    As for girls, I like them as the way they like to be. I am not a nitpicker about them. I just admire their beauty!

  10. its simply a question of taste.. has nothing to do with being superficial or not.... Being superficial or not is a totally different subject. You'll definitely find superficial people who try to talk about other subjects too: politics, computers, geography, philosophy.. bla bla bla . got my point , i hope!

  11. Joseph, emptying some to give space to new ones is not a bad idea.

    Zerolando, definitely I agree with you, I actually know one like that, it was just an example, like fashion that superficial girls might talk about, if I said philosophy that would've produced a sort of confusion. Then again, I was talking about what I should avoid. Not everyone should have the same list. ma ba3rif lei ettekhadit el ossa bi hal tari2a. w heik :)

  12. Liliane, it is not a bad idea after all, as long as you know how to use the knowledge you have.

    I like seeing you talking about topics targeting your job field for example.

    You don't have the mood to do it Liliane?

  13. sure, a new blog targeting .NET related features if your job entiles working on the .NET framework.

    You can also start blogging about software development management and project management in general and why not MBA in project management topics. The list can reach china but you should always focus on what you love most because there you will shine mostly.

    From Front-End engineering, to Systems architecting to DB design to back end engineering. There is so many domains out there.

    I think what you do in life is important but what you can do is more important.

    Hope this helps,

    Mighty Joseph.

  14. I see, well I am not that interested in what I personally do, am not sure how interesting it would be to talk about these things, you have to have a passion for something for it to sound appealing or useful for others... don't you think?

  15. You are right. But you see, in life you MUST specialize in something to be able to draw a track of your career.

    What do you really like most that you think your current skills can help you conquer it?

  16. I feel like I am talking with a psychiatrist lol. I don't really know, still trying to figure out I guess :)