Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Dame Blanche

Friday Night had El Día Español, so after being held up at work till 7:30pm, I finally made it to Downtown Beirut. Sat a little bit with the Spanish colleagues, then after some left, I thought I would shoot some photos in Downtown, now that I have a fancier machine (Camera).

Started out the weekend with a visit to Kefraya.

Unfortunately the tour was not available as they are doing some constructions. So after taking a walk among the vineyards, enjoying the scenery and then checking out the Château, we headed to the wine tasting bar.

I am no expert on Wine Tasting, nevertheless it is still an enriching experience. We started out with La Dame Blanche, which I personally really liked, it was smooth on the tongue and easy on the throat. Then the famous Blanc de Blancs came along, afterward La Rosée du Château, which didn't really leave an impression on me, followed by Myst de Château Kefraya, which also isn't something I would like to drink, probably because I am not a fan of Rosée, then Château Kefraya 2005, which had a taste of wood, and that was the main reason why I liked it, and finally Le Comte de M, probably the most prestigious, but I liked the previous red more.

As we were already in West Bekaa, we thought we should benefit from our time and drop by the Qaraoun Lake. Quite a view, although I sort of got bored from seeing lakes in Virginia.

Later on we continued to our next destination, West Bekaa Country Club. A nice place indeed, especially after feeling over-warm due to the hot weather, seeing the pool, you would just want to jump in, however, I couldn't because I had to attend to Loreena McKennit's concert afterward.

When we arrived to Byblos, the place was packed, it took us about 40 minutes to find a parking place. We got there a little bit late, at about 9:15pm, and it said on the ticket that it starts at 8:30pm, however the concert hadn't started yet, and I will tell you why! It is because President Michel Sleiman was attending the concert.

The next day, we headed back to Litani to meet with the rest of the colleagues. And there it was!

The long river

The wooden bungalows on the river side

And the most fun kayaking ever.
With my new underwater camera case, I can now take photos while I am ... well underwater!

I have the normal lens, nevertheless I got my opportunity of taking some photos of dragon flies, which made me so happy.

Finally, after I arrived back home, I showered, all my colleagues went to sleep early, while I dressed up again, and went to Downtown Beirut and Gemmayze to check la Fête de la musique. You can continue reading my post about it here... Oh oh and I saw my favorite Lebanese Minister! Wrote about it here.


  1. What a busy weekend!
    Mabrouk for the cam btw, what did you get?? (P.S: I envy you for the underwater case!)

  2. :) ya3tikeh el 3afyeh w mabrouk el cam ;) ... ma b3aynna :P hehe

  3. Rami I have this one:

    AAL, thank you, but I've had the cam since 7 months now :) (got it on my bday!)

  4. Thanks :D i've been waiting for someone to notice the pics :$

  5. I liked the last picture, It brings me back to the old days where I was finding a hard time catching these little creatures! Until know I knew that their name is dragon flies.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.